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Business with Turkmenistan.


Business with Turkmenistan. As well as from what it is possible to start to sell the goods in Turkmenistan?

Business with Turkmenistan. As well as from what it is possible to start to sell the goods in Turkmenistan? Where to find partners on business in Turkmenistan? How to adjust cooperation with Turkmenistan?

We, "TURKMENBUSINESS” command, have some experience in search Business — partners in Ashkhabad and on all territories of Turkmenistan.

To use services of our command, it is enough to have desire!

Here some items {points} of our kinds of job. It is possible to choose one of them or all at once (in a complex).

1.       To reserve Information page with the name of your company where brief data on you, on your goods (services) will be established {installed}, a graphic trade mark and 2-3 photos. Also the link to your Internet-site and e-mail. Still we shall make the form of a feedback that any our visitor could send you the letter directly from this page. If you inform us addresses of your blogs or RSS we also shall establish {install} them. The set forth above job costs {stands} 100 EUROS. It is possible to pay in the Russian roubles, US dollars or other currencies at the international rate at date of payment concerning to Euro. The form of a payment of you can choose: bank translation {transfer}, payment into the Internet-purse or to use system WESTERN UNION. We ask to consider, that on this item{point} we work on trust and without the advance payment. First you send us on e-mail: turkmenbusiness@mail.ru  the letter of guarantee on payment with the instruction{indication} of the form of payment and a kind of currency. To the letter attach files: Text about your firm and the goods, pictures, photos and a trade mark. We shall establish{install} (we shall create page), we inform you and you within 2 days pay.


2.       Physical search of potential partners in Ashkhabad and regions of Turkmenistan. You usual mail send us fair brochures (50 pieces), the catalogue of the prices, and also, at will, advertising desktop or a stationary (for our office) with your trade mark. After reception on mail, our Commercial Agents will distribute your prospectuses on the Ministries, the state organizations and the large commercial companies. We shall inform you addresses and contact phones of these organizations (in the form of the small report on the executed jobs). On this item{point} — the advance payment of 100 %. Cost of jobs: distribution of your advertising information across Ashkhabad — 100 EUROS. If want, we can send in capitals of all regions (in their Turkmenistan 5). Accordingly, cost increases. On each region 100 + 30 = 130 EUROS. For this item{point} the form of payment: bank translation{transfer}, or WESTERN UNION.


3.       Creation of Representation (branch) in Turkmenistan. Here negotiations are necessary. With registration of the Legal person{face} or there is enough Registration of the Patent of Enterprise Activity of our employee? What functions to carry out? You plan what wages for the representative? How much the person you would like to have in staff{state} in Turkmenistan? Other questions of organizational character. On this item{point} we wait for your offers by e-mail or it is possible to call +99366 083210


If, except for the listed items {points}, you have projects across Turkmenistan we are ready to consider {examine} them!