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Tourism company in Turkmenistan

Боевые потери РФ в Украине (на 30.08.2022)

tourism company nurana ay in turkmenistan

Tourism company

"NURANA AY" in Turkmenistan


“NURANA AY” Tourism Company in Turkmenistan.

Our company is always ready securing its customers with a wide range of tourism services, at the option thereof. We are able to offer various tours along Turkmenistan, as well as a fascinating route along the Great Silk Way jointly with the Central Asia leading tourism companies.

Our company may offer you services as follows:

Basic services:

  • Visa support in Turkmenistan

  • Tour programs on Turkmenistan

  • Vehicles (comfortable buses, minibuses and cars being equipped with air-conditioners), meeting at the airport, seeing-off at the frontier

  • Lodging at a hotel and boarding, operative info here http://www.turkmenistanexpohotels.com.

  • turkmenistan expo and hotels



  • Guide-interpreters (language is at the customer option)

  • Air ticket booking in Turkmenistan


Auxiliary services:

  • Legal consultations being held by an experienced lawyer for businessmen in accordance with their scope of business and interest

  • Insurance

  • Services being rendered for foreign groups, representatives of foreign companies, firms and local employees

  • Preparation of a documents’ pack to accredit representative offices of foreign companies and joint ventures, marketing services, information, legal/methodical and other ones for legal and physical entities of foreign states

  • Provision and organization of advertisement, exhibitions and presentations for firms and companies in accordance with their needs

“NURANA AY” Tourism Company has the honour to offer you unforgettable tours along Turkmenistan, being specific by its color and unique ancient cultural heritage and history.

Туристическая компания

"НУРАНА АЙ" в Туркменистане





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