The Order of the advertisement (advertising) in Turkmenistan.

The Order of the advertisement (advertising) in Turkmenistan.

What (How) book (order) the advertisement in Turkmenistan?


(The Translation is realized by means of computer, possible in text of the mistake (error). The Main (Basic), correct (right) text in Russian language).



What it is necessary to make to find Partners in Turkmenistan?


To us often address with a question:  «I wish to find business partners for business in Turkmenistan».


We shall try to give some recommendations and to explain opportunities of ours Business-partners.


TURKMENBUSINESS command offers such service – Creation of information page on a site «Business and cooperation with Turkmenistan»  


Cost of this job not greater (100 EUROS, 130 US dollars or 4000 Russian roubles – on a choice).


How to reserve Information page?


The first: To send them on e-mail:   the letter – the application on creation of page and to specify, in what currency it is more convenient to you to pay and what way: payment on an electronic purse or bank translation.


The second: To attach a separate file the Information on the company, the goods or offered services, also to specify all accessible contact information, a trade mark (trade mark), and 2-4 photos.


And as soon as the page with your name and the form of a feedback will be created, they inform you on it – you, within 1-2 days pay (that way, which for you convenient and on those requisites which to you will be informed directly by executors of jobs).


Interesting advice: During the order of page if you have presentation materials or the electronic book, çàêà÷àéòå it on a site, especially for this purpose intended – the File hosting  Inform the link to the command TURKMENBUSINESS, they will establish it on page for uploading by visitors.


The form of a feedback will enable any visitor of a site to send you electronic the letter!


IMPORTANT! The created page will not have a limitation period, published once – remains for ever! The Only thing that is very important if want to make changes it can be made all for 20 EUROS (or at the rate in other currency). Also to the basic page it is possible to reserve some additional pages (which will be created and attached to the basic, and at prompting the mouse to the basic page, links on additional will jump out in a mode pop-up). On additional pages it is possible to place price-lists, conditions of the order of your goods (services), and other interesting or necessary information on your firm.

Each additional page will cost 20 EUROS (or 26 US dollars or in roubles at the rate).

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